YouTube is once again the most popular social media platform

YouTube and Fb are nonetheless probably the most dominant social media platforms in the US, nonetheless Fb just isn’t rising. That’s one amongst the primary findings of on how Individuals use social media from the Pew Analysis Heart.

In response to the report, YouTube and Fb are probably the most broadly used platforms. However of the 2, solely YouTube is nonetheless rising, rising its share of shoppers from 73 p.c of adults in 2019, to 81 p.c in 2021. Fb’s numbers, within the meantime, remained at 69 p.c. “Fb’s progress has leveled off during the last 5 years, however it stays one of the extensively used social media websites amongst adults in the US,” Pew writes in its report.

Flat improvement wasn’t distinctive to easily Fb, each. In response to Pew, the solely totally different platform to see “statistically important” improvement since 2019 was Reddit, which grew from 11 p.c in 2019 to 18 p.c in 2021. “This represents a broader pattern that extends past the previous two years wherein the fast adoption of most of those websites and apps seen within the final decade has slowed,” Pew says.


However whereas improvement has slowed down, Individuals don’t look like any a lot much less hooked on social media. Amongst Fb clients, 49 p.c say they look at the website various situations a day. Likewise, 45 p.c of Snapchat clients open the app better than as soon as a day, as do 38 p.c of Instagram clients. For YouTube, merely over a third of shoppers report visiting the service additional incessantly than as soon as a day.

The report moreover lends some attention-grabbing notion into TikTok’s client base, which wasn’t included within the 2019 evaluation. In response to the report, 21 p.c of Individuals say they use TikTok. However the numbers look so much completely totally different for youthful people, with TikTok’s share rising to 48 p.c amongst 18 to 29-year-olds. Unsurprisingly, YouTube is moreover probably the most dominant platform amongst this demographic at 95 p.c, adopted by Instagram with 71 p.c, Fb at 70 p.c and Snapchat with 65 p.c.

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