US President Donald Trump signs for leaving White House


US President Donald Trump has hinted at leaving the White House. Trump on Monday asked officials to begin preparations to transfer newly elected President Joe Biden. In fact, the head of the General Services Administration (GSS), the federal agency responsible for power transfers, said she would provide Biden with the resources needed to get into the White House. On the other hand, Trump also insisted that he would continue the fight and win.

Trump tweeted in this regard hours after General Service Administrator (GSA) Emily Murphy wrote a letter to newly-elected President Joe Biden informing the Trump administration that he was ready to officially begin the process of transfer of power. Trump tweeted, “I want to thank Emily Murphy of the GSA for her dedication and loyalty to the country.” He was harassed. They were threatened and abused. He said that I do not want this to happen to him, his family or any GSA employee. He said that our fight will continue and I am confident that we will win.

The outgoing president said that in the interest of our country, I suggest Emily and her team do what needs to be done regarding the initial protocol and I have told my team the same. Biden-Harris power transfer party executive director Johannes Abraham said in a statement that the GSA administrator recognized Biden in the presidential election and Harris in the vice-presidential election as the clear winners of the election.

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