U.S. targeted Iran-backed militias with seven 500-pound bombs in Syria airstrike

Cellphone video reveals what was left of a desolate outpost on the Syrian facet of the border with Iraq after U.S. airstrikes on Thursday. Two F-15 Eagles dropped seven 500-pound bombs, utterly destroying 9 buildings and damaging two. Preliminary stories stated one particular person was killed and three injured. 

“I acknowledge the importance of this operation, that it is the first of its variety beneath the brand new administration,” stated Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. 

Kirby stated Iranian-backed militias used the border put up to smuggle weapons into Iraq. 

“These buildings, once more, we had info that gave us confidence these buildings, this web site, this compound – as a result of all of the buildings have been all on one compound – have been being utilized by these teams to facilitate the motion of sources, materials, weaponry into Iraq to conduct the assaults,” Kirby stated.   

Two weeks in the past, U.S. officers say, Iranian-made rockets have been fired at a base in Iraq the place American troops are stationed. Thursday night time’s strike was a message to Iran. 

“That’s an unambiguous clear message to anybody within the area about what the stakes are if you are going to proceed to conduct assaults on our folks,” Kirby stated. 

Protection officers say the strike was meant as a one-and-done, however that can rely on how Iran and its allies react.  

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