Trans woman attacks conservative protestor during Canada rally

A conservative protestor was assaulted multiple times on camera as he tried to talk to attendees of a Trans Day of Visibility rally in Vancouver, Canada while wearing a sign with anti-trans messages Friday.

Billboard Chris — known for counter-protesting liberal demonstrations across Canada and the US — said he was “assaulted a few times” while interviewing the 100 rally attendees at the Grandview Park event.

“Had another successful day having conversations on this trans day of visibility,” Elston said in a video of the incident he posted to Twitter.

Point-of-view footage captured a transgender woman approaching Elston and barraging him with a stream of curses and insults as several Vancouver police stand by and watch.

“You suck. F–k you. F–k you, you’re not wanted. F–k you. You’re a f–king idiot. F–k you!” the woman said, as a group jumps in to join her chats.

The woman becomes increasingly aggressive and inches closer to Elston, who pays her little mind, as she continues to yell.

A transgender woman grabbed Billboard Chris’ throat during a pro-transgender rally in Canada.

The camera suddenly jerks out of Elston’s hand as the woman lunges at Elston’s throat.

With their hands on one another, the two fall to the ground, and a group of both protestors and counter-protestors jump to break it up.

Only after things became physical did the police intervene.

One officer could even be seen laughing in the background before the argument intensified.

Another angle of the attack shows that Elston had pushed the woman away — also at her throat — once she came within inches of his face.

An officer could be seen laughing in the background of the video.
An officer could be seen laughing in the background of the video.

“Get your f–cking hands off me!” she screamed as the two toppled to the ground.

It was the second time Elston was assaulted on camera.

Another video showed multiple people wearing hooded camouflage jackets and face coverings grabbing at Elston’s camera and wiggling his billboard — which read, “children cannot consent to puberty blockers.”

One man then began pushing Elston and kicking him, leaving him with a scrapped nose.

Vancouver police told Elston the fights seemed to be “mutual” and likely didn’t constitute a criminal assault.

One officer allegedly told Elston he was trying to cause confrontation leading up to the attacks.

The department ultimately opted to open an investigation to review the videos and eyewitness accounts.

No arrests have been made, cops said, though future charges could be brought down in the future.

A trans woman screams at Elston.
The woman hurled insults and curses at Elston as she moved closer to the conservative.
FOX News

“I need to sue the VPD. I have to. The assault on our kids can’t continue, and the police enabling anarchy and violence can’t continue either. What a surreal day,” Elston wrote in another post.

The charged attack comes just days after a similar pro-transgender rally planned for Washington, DC was canceled.

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