Topless woman smashes Jesus statue in North Dakota cathedral: cops

She was high and committed sins.

A topless woman walked into a Catholic church in North Dakota this week and smashed a statue of Jesus, according to police.

Brittany Reynolds was believed to be under the influence of narcotics when police found her shirtless, braless and shoeless on Tuesday fleeing St. Mary’s Cathedral in downtown Fargo when they responded to a report of vandalism, according to court documents obtained by Valley News Live.

Surveillance footage provided to police by the church showed Reynolds, 35, enter the church and knock over a potted plant. 

She then approached a large statue of Jesus, ripped it off the wall and smashed it on the ground, according to court documents. She can then be seen leaving the church in the video. 

Video showed Reynolds rip the statue from the wall and smash it on the ground.

Police detained Reynolds after she tried to run away and said she was unable to answer basic questions.

Police estimate the statue could cost up to $11,500 to repair or replace, according to KVRR.

Reynolds was charged with criminal mischief, driving under the influence and providing false information to police officers, jail records show.

Jesus statue broken hands
Officials estimate it could cost $11,500 to fix the statue.

Brittany Reynolds mugshot
Reynolds was charged with criminal mischief and driving under the influence.
Cass County Jail

Church officials told Valley News Live the Cathedral has a policy of welcoming all guests.

“We don’t want this to be a closed cathedral, we want it to be open to all people at all times,” Paul Braun, the director of communications for the Diocese of Fargo, told the news outlet. “We just hope that people show the reverence and respect that they should for a house of God.”

This is not the first time a statue at the church has been vandalized — two years ago a statue of Jesus was spray painted black, according to Valley News Live.

“In all these incidents, we hope that the people who are part of that and do these things get the help they need, and we pray for them,” said Braun.

shards by the Jesus statue
Parts of the statue were shattered from when it hit the floor

St. Mary's Cathedral, Fargo ND
Another statue at the church was vandalized two years ago.

Braun said the statue was “very unique” and old. The church is looking into the possibility of having it repaired,  “but if it can’t be repaired we would like to replace it, but that can be difficult.”

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