Tigers reporter disappointed in Royals fan screaming ‘f–k Detroit’ on live segment

A fan took it too far on Wednesday night.

In the fifth inning of Bally Sports Detroit’s broadcast of Tigers-Royals, reporter Johnny Kane went live from the stands, and as he began to speak about the Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium, his microphone picked up some unfortunate yelling.

An audible “F–k Javy Baez and f–k Detroit!” was picked up for the audience to hear.

Kane appeared to be thrown off by the fan’s interjection.

“We apologize for the language you guys heard there at home,” Kane said, offering more mea culpas and a resigned “doggone it.”

When the camera did cut to Kane in the stands, he was giving the offending fan a disapproving glare.

Warning: Graphic language

Another fan to the left of Kane had his shirt over his month in disbelief.

Kane, who used to cover the Royals, went on to finish his segment about Kauffman Stadium, the sixth-oldest ballpark in the MLB ranks, potentially moving to a downtown location.

Kane later tweeted out an apology after the incident.

“I’m a fan of Kansas City and the people here,” he wrote. “One fan obviously took it too far. He disrespected Detroit and I’m not cool with that. Detroit is my home now. Sorry for all that.”

Johnny Kane glares at a fan who screamed “f–k Detroit” while he was live on air.
Screengrab via Twitter/@awfulannouncing

Johnny Kane talks during his segment on Wednesday's Detroit Tigers broadcast.
Johnny Kane talks during his segment on Wednesday’s Detroit Tigers broadcast.
Screengrab via Twitter/@awfulannouncing

The Royals went on to defeat the Tigers 4-0, but ended up losing the three-game series to Detroit, which is second in the AL Central with a 23-25 record.

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