Study claims an ‘anti-universe’ where time is backwards may exist next to ours

An “anti-universe” the place time runs backwards may exist subsequent to ours, in response to a brand new research.

The speculation entails the actual fact nature has basic symmetries and researchers assume this might apply to the universe as a complete.

The speculation has been defined in the journal Annals of Physics.

It discusses a typical physics idea known as Cost, Parity, Time (CPT) symmetry.

CPT symmetry is acknowledged as one of many legal guidelines of physics and means issues like cost and time might be inverted after a transformative course of.

Scientists assume the Large Bang, which created the universe, was undoubtedly transformative and due to this fact the CPT concept may apply.

The researchers assume that there was a ‘backwards universe’ earlier than the Large Bang that was then inverted to create the universe we reside in right now.

They defined: “We examine the concept the universe earlier than the Large Bang is the CPT reflection of the universe after the bang, each classically and quantum mechanically.”

And, added: “The universe earlier than the bang and the universe after the bang could also be seen as a universe/anti-universe pair, rising straight into the recent, radiation-dominated period we observe in our previous.

“This, in flip, results in a remarkably economical rationalization of the cosmological darkish matter.”

The wild concept may imply the presence of darkish matter in our universe isn’t so mysterious in any case.

The scientists suggest darkish matter is definitely made up of a kind of ghostly particle known as right-handed neutrinos.

Neutrino particles are current in our universe however they solely spin to the left.

Scientists assume it’s odd that they haven’t discovered a model that spins to the precise because the legal guidelines of physics recommend they need to be on the market.

The researchers assume the precise spinning particles could possibly be invisible in our universe and will simply be represented by darkish matter.

Little is thought about darkish matter within the universe aside from it cannot be seen however does have a bodily impact on different objects.

Researchers assume investigating neutrino particles and darkish matter additional may probably be a step in proving the ‘anti-universe’ concept.

Scientists don’t assume we’d be capable to go to the proposed ‘anti-universe’ as a result of it technically occurred earlier than the Large Bang.

This text initially appeared on The Sun and was reproduced right here with permission.

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