NASA pay 9 crore usd for one seat in Russian Rocket Soyuz

Washington. The US has recently sent four astronauts to the international space station. For this, the US Space Agency enlisted the help of Rocket Falken 9 of Allen Musk’s company Space X. Through this, NASA has sent three of its astronauts to the ISS, while a Japanese astronaut has also gone to the ISS for the third time. This space mission has its own unique feature which is very important to understand. Before that, let us tell you that the US has been seeking the help of Russian spacecraft Soyuz for its space program or for sending its astronauts to the space station and their return. It would not be wrong to say that he has been largely dependent on Russia for his space program. But do you know how much NASA has to pay for an astronaut’s seat in the Russian spacecraft Soyuz. This price is higher than we think in many ways. Actually, NASA pays up to 67 billion rupees (9 million US dollars) for this.

It would not be wrong to say here that even today the Russian rulership in space missions or space technology. Despite this, the US has made considerable progress in this area. But after the arrival of Space X, it is expected that NASA and US can reduce or end their dependence on Russia. If all goes well, NASA may stop buying seats at Soyuz for its astronauts. In fact, it started in 2014 when NASA entered into an agreement with Space X and Boeing and asked the two to prepare something similar to Soyuz to send astronauts to the space station. Let us also tell you here that America last used its vehicle for this in 2011. Since then, NASA has been using Russian vehicles for this, for which it has to pay a hefty price.

NASA chief Jim Bridenstein seems less inclined to believe the kind of space that is expected after the spacecraft’s launch of Falcon. They believe that even after the arrival of Space X, the dependence of the US space agency NASA will not be completely eliminated by the Russian vehicle. They believe that the US and Russia can negotiate a seat swap in this regard. Under this, while the astronauts of the US space agency will be able to use the Suoyoj, the Russian astronauts will be able to go on the commercial rocket.

As far as the space X is concerned, let me tell you that he has named his crew Dragon Capsules as Resilience. This is the second time NASA has used Space X for its astronauts. With its help, astronauts reached the ISS in 27 hours. They will stay there for about six months. Both current President Donald Trump and newly elected President Joe Biden are excited about Space X and future space trips. Both of them have congratulated Space X for this success. Although Elon Musk was not present at the time of this launching. The number of people watching this launch closely was quite small this time. Let me tell you that in May 2020, the space shuttle had brought two astronauts to ISS. At the same time, astronauts came back safely from the same vehicle.

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