Man’s dream of digging up buried treasure left him gagging

He gave this buried treasure the heave-ho.

An individual’s dream of discovering hidden riches in his yard shortly evaporated — and left him gagging in a now-viral video — when a discipline he dug up turned out to be a septic tank. A clip of the fecal Rickroll at current boasts 5 million views on TikTok.

“I used to be doing a little gardening in my yard immediately, and I uncovered some type of loopy, secret concrete field within the floor,” intones consumer @tonyhuismanlp throughout the clip, which reveals him exhuming the mysterious object with a shovel, choose it’s the Ark of the Covenant unearthed by Indiana Jones in “Raiders of the Misplaced Ark.”

“I discovered a deal with after digging for some time, then after digging for a bit extra I uncovered a second deal with,” Tony Huisman says. “I saved going till I obtained it cleaned to the purpose the place I may begin to try and elevate it up.”

Then comes the revolting reveal.

“You’ll by no means imagine what I discovered … my septic tank,” the wannabe archaeologist says, as a result of the video reveals him holding a shirt over his mouth whereas coughing violently as if he’s about to hurl.

The poo-leontologist’s discovery stirred up a s–tstorm on TikTok.

“Me watching this: ‘Don’t open that. Don’t open that. No no don’t open that,’” wrote one horrified commenter of the disgusting discovery.

“Umm I believe it wasn’t treasure,” talked about one different.

One TikTok comedian quipped, “I lastly discovered septiktok.”

In fact, as some discerning TikTok clients observed, the video appeared just a little bit too good to be true.

Certainly, Huisman reveals in a subsequent clip that he knew that the factor was a crap coffin when he started digging.

“So, I truly did must dig up the septic tank as a result of it did have to be pumped,” he says. “I simply thought I’d make a video out of it.”

The dung digger talked about he solely discovered not too way back that he had a septic system, no matter residing on the property for six years.

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