Man dies after bailing from moving police car during pursuit

A California man who carjacked a police cruiser died after he jumped out the vehicle during a high-speed pursuit on Tuesday, cops said.

The man, whose identity has not yet been released, bailed out of the stolen California Highway Patrol vehicle in the Lancaster area during the live-streamed chase.

Video shows the carjacker leaping from the driver’s seat while it was moving at about 70 miles per hour.

He hit the pavement and smacked his head on the ground before sliding several feet down the 138 Freeway.

The cruiser continued speeding until it collided with a utility pole. It skidded to a halt as officers rushed to pull the driver off the roadway and into another car to administer first aid.

He was rushed to the hospital but died about four hours later.

A California man died after jumping out of the moving patrol cruiser he stole.

Police respond to the scene.
The man stole the cop car after crashing his own vehicle.

Police respond to the scene.
Police chased him for 40 miles until he bailed from the moving car.

Police respond to the scene.
The man succumbed to his injuries several hours later.

The pursuit kicked off around 11:40 a.m. when police received reports of a reckless driver in the Newhall area, CBS reported.

The man jacked the police cruiser after crashing his own Toyota Corolla.

Police chased him for 40 miles until he jumped from the moving car.

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