Lily Allen says that talking about being sexually assaulted has damaged her career.


The News Pig: Lily Allen has said speaking out about being sexually assaulted has damaged her music career.

In her 2018 memoir “My Thoughts Exactly,” the British singer claimed that she was attacked in 2016 by a music industry executive. Speaking on the BBC podcast “The Next Episode,” published Friday, she said: “I feel like my career was f**ked with as a consequence of speaking about this things.”

“On paper, the album I published last time round, ‘ No Shame, ‘ was the best-reviewed album I’ve ever had.

“But I did not get a particularly good run at festivals this season. I wasn’t given to me especially large gigs. I didn’t get a large marketing push behind my album campaign, although it was likely the greatest album I ever wrote.

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Warner Music has not yet replied to CNN’s request for comment on Allen’s proposal that she has not been backed in her life since she spoke of the supposed attack, but in an earlier statement, a spokesperson said the company takes allegations of sexual misconduct extremely seriously.

“As far as I’m concerned, it always comes down to the victim harder than it does to the perpetrator, and people are always questioning what the intentions of the victim are or what their endgame is,” Allen said.

Trendingsnow “I just believe the victims want validation. They just want someone to go, ‘Yeah that happened, that was wrong. You’re a person. Somebody crossed a line with you,'” she continued. “For me, that’s all I ever really wanted and something that I never got.”

After attending a party with the unnamed executive, Allen said she was attacked and said she was “in a place of accountability.” Podcast host Miquita Oliver said Allen had further indicated in the interview that his identity was well known in the sector.

Lily Allen claims that her career has been harmed by sexual assault

“He’d got me out of this party and had decided that he wanted to take me back to my hotel,” Allen said. “We got to my hotel, I couldn’t find the keys to my room, so he was like,’ Well, why don’t you sleep while I’m going to get the keys?or whatever.

“The next thing I knew was that I woke up and he was in my bed, naked, slapping my bum and attempting to put his penis in my private parts,” she said. “I recoiled and I got up out of the bed and I screamed.”

“We finally met in LA and he admitted that what he had done was incorrect. He asked me not to tell anyone about it; he said that if his girlfriend found out that she’d be distraught.”

“I do remember immediately while it was happening thinking, even though I’d never met his mom, I was thinking about his mom and how she would deal with the news that her son was a sexual predator. In this scenario, I prioritized everyone else except myself, “Allen said.

“I made a decision that I didn’t want to go to the police, I didn’t want to make a fuss,” she said. “And I wanted to keep it quiet. But I did want to protect myself.”

In its statement, Warner Music said: “These allegations (from 2016) are appalling. We take accusations of sexual misconduct extremely seriously and investigate claims that are raised with us. We’re very focused on enforcing our Code of Conduct and providing a safe and professional environment at all times.”

Allen said she went with one of her record label’s bosses, Warner Music UK, for lunch about a month after the book was published.