Will Smith’s astrology fated Chris Rock slap at 2022 Oscars

The slap that was heard around the globe!

The Oscars second between comic Chris Rock, 57, and newly anointed Academy Award-winner Will Smith shocked audiences — and the world. The uncensored confrontation — which has apparently been a long time coming — impressed viral memes and airplay worldwide, simply being the awards present’s most talked about second.

Regardless of great speeches, beautiful vogue and wild after parties, nothing else stood out fairly as a lot as this weird and polarizing interplay. Smith, 53, who joked aggressively prior to the event that he supposed to carry the chaos and be everybody’s drawback, was triggered by Rock’s “G.I. Jane” joke about his spouse’s lack of hair.

Whereas the Academy declared that the interplay was not staged and so they do not condone violence, it’s at the moment unsure whether or not or not they may retract the award because of the violation of their excessive code of ethics. But after a public apology and a tearful acceptance speech, it has been confirmed that the 2 stars have put the bad blood behind them in an effort to maneuver ahead in a optimistic path. So what prompted the 2 to erupt at this cut-off date? Let’s take a dive into their cosmic climate as a result of I’m a pop culture astrologer and it’s simply what I do!

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith attended the 2022 Oscars at which he received Greatest Actor.
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Will Smith’s astrology reveals why he was on edge and feeling chaotic

First off, Will Smith was fired up already and there are a couple of explanation why. In a earlier article, I dove into his beginning chart in addition to his astrological compatibility along with his spouse, Jada Pinkett Smith. Will Smith was born on Sept. 25, 1968. This makes him a social Libra Solar with a tremendously passionate Scorpio Moon. The important thing takeaways I need to reiterate from that breakdown is that he has a excessive degree of depth and rebellious vitality in his innate character as a result of his Solar, ruling his life power, is in the identical place within the sky as his Uranus, which is the planet of chaos and revolution.

This provides him an eccentric and strong-willed vitality — but additionally could make him immensely unpredictable. His Moon additionally dances with Pluto, which is the planet of domination and energy struggles. Because of this on a very good day, he’s targeted on deep, emotional and transformative methods of connecting with folks. However Pluto, which is the upper octave of Mars, the planet of conflict, can even make somebody very forceful, aggressive and controlling when they’re triggered. It causes one to claim themselves for energy and may propel somebody to acts of violence and revenge. The advantage of our natal charts is that they may also help us to develop if we’re acutely aware of sure patterns — however in addition they reveal sure traits that could be difficult, which we should face and work via in order that they don’t dominate us.

Chris Rock zodiac sign
Chris Rock’s beginning chart reveals that he’s aggressive and rebellious.
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As for what triggered this on a broader, cosmic scale? On March 27, 2022, we are able to see that the planets have been interacting in a really particular method round him, inflicting him to really feel the world in sure ways in which was placing him on the defensive. Whereas I did predict he was one of many high candidates to win Greatest Actor, he’s additionally extra usually feeling the load of the world on his shoulders. First off, it’s because Saturn, the planet of hardships and challenges, is in a really sharp and oppressive angle to his natal Moon, making him really feel lonely and restricted, significantly round his confidence.

Uranus, the planet of surprising occasions, can be in a pointy angle to his Midheaven — which is his level of fame and success within the public eye, revealing a turbulent state of affairs on the world’s stage. Neptune, the planet of delusion, can be in a pointy conflict along with his Pluto, citing conflicts and emotions of confusion, and Pluto is preventing along with his Mercury, ruling his thoughts, and his Venus, ruling his relationships. These are all longer-term energies — however to make issues tougher is that on the precise day of the Oscars, Mercury, ruling the media and his thoughts, was clashing immediately along with his Solar and Uranus — additional exacerbating the dramatic vitality overpowering his consciousness.

Chris Rock’s beginning chart reveals that he thrives on being aggressive

Chris Rock was born on Feb. 7, 1965. This makes him an eccentric Aquarius Solar with a fiery Aries Moon. To make him even feistier, his beginning time, as discovered on-line, reveals that he’s an Aries Ascendant — and along with his Moon in his first home of id, this brings him an impatient, impulsive and dominating angle. His vitality is spontaneous and he could be quick-tempered, aggressive and unafraid to be dramatic. So as to add additional enlargement round this vitality, his Solar is linked to Jupiter, amplifying his larger-than-life vibe. His Solar can be clashing with Neptune, which suggests he can at occasions be a bit illusive and misleading — even to the purpose of self-deceptive. So as to add additional peculiar vitality to his chart, his Uranus and Pluto are in the very same place — which, on one hand, makes him unconventional and really passionate, but additionally provokes him to be controversial for the sake of energy.

Chris Rock Will Smith astrology
Chris Rock was slapped within the face by Will Smith due to the poisonous astrological climate.
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When trying on the cosmic vitality enveloping him on the precise day of the Oscars, we see that Venus within the sky was clashing along with his natal Neptune — citing excessive emotions of confusion, particularly round relationships and his impulses. Mars, the planet of conflict, can be marching very nearer to his Solar, additional bringing pressure and aggression upon him. Additionally, Saturn, the planet of disappointment and heaviness, can be standing atop his Solar, weakening him and bringing oppression — and can be clashing along with his Neptune, creating much more confusion. Lastly, Uranus is linked to his natal Uranus, bringing surprising occasions that in the end lead him to be stressed, unsure and much more chaotic.

What’s the astrological connection between Will Smith and Chris Rock?

Whereas even simply trying on the cosmic climate that was happening on today, we already can inform that each Smith and Rock weren’t in one of the best psychological headspaces — and haven’t been for a while. Many of those similar energetic patterns might be hovering over them like a darkish cloud till not less than the top of the 12 months. First off, when their charts in unison, there are some things that come out straight away that do present a combative and intense vitality between them. Whereas initially we’d assume they’d get alongside — or not less than on the finish of the day discover a option to chill collectively, with them each having appropriate Ascendants and Air Solar indicators — there’s additionally loads about their charts that present a aggressive and extremely aggressive rapport.

Rock’s Mars, the planet of preventing, may be very near Smith’s Solar. That is like fireplace encountering extra fireplace. Rock’s Mars can be smashing into Smith’s Uranus. Then Rock’s Saturn tries to dominate Smith’s Mars, which mainly simply pisses him off the entire time, making him persistently really feel irritated and unsettled by Rock’s angle. Rock’s Mars additionally throws bombs at Smith’s Pluto, which accurately brings additional warlike vitality between them. Lastly, however definitely not least, is that Rock’s Solar pierces Smith’s Moon, additional making him uncomfortable and reveals that, in honesty, they simply aren’t able to an excessive amount of accord.

Chris Rock Will Smith drama astrology
Will Smith and Chris Rock might bury the hatchet, however are unlikely to ever be mates.
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What does astrology say about Will Smith and Chris Rock reconciling?

Whereas it has been reported that the 2 have smoothed issues over, the entire data I beforehand listed reveals that there’s an excessive amount of tough planetary alignments between their charts — and people will at all times be current. That’s why generally we meet folks and so simply click on with them — whereas others simply rub us incorrect, regardless of how exhausting we attempt to like them. The important thing to utilizing astrology is to know why we might really feel a technique or one other — however, on the finish of the day, we do even have free will. It’s fairly attainable they may really bury the hatchet — however will they ever be BFF? No. In fact not. Will they be civil? I’m positive they may attempt — however in the end they may probably keep away from one another as a lot as attainable. You heard it here first.

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