What your dreams really tell you about your personality

You’ve simply woken up from an odd dream and are questioning what your unconscious is enjoying at.

Out of your tooth falling out to being cheated on, your unconscious is making an attempt to let you know one thing, and psychic medium ElectraSoul is right here to let you know precisely what this can be.

Posting to TikTok the medium says she’ll be specializing in these reoccurring desires that go away you confused and going “what the hell does this imply?” 

She provides that whereas not all desires could have a non secular which means, there are lots that possible do.

Being chased

Being chased by somebody, or one thing, is a fairly frequent dream that individuals can have. ElectraSoul explains simply what could also be inflicting you to have these desires.

“This signifies that there’s something inside you, that you could be not even find out about, that you could confront,” the psychic says.

She continues with: “wanting deep inside your self, discover the issues that you realize you could cope with, and cope with them.”

In the event you dream of being chased this may additionally signify that you’ll overcome your enemy, ElectraSoul provides: “so if there’s somebody in your life that’s evil-eyeing the f*ck out of you then simply know you will win that battle.”

Dreaming about being chased “signifies that there’s something inside you, that you could be not even find out about, that you could confront.”


Whether or not it’s falling from a constructing, falling from a cliff, or perhaps a lighthouse, this can be a fairly frequent dream for folks to have – and is one that may go away you feeling a bit unusual the subsequent day.

ElectraSoul says: “This signifies that you could be stronger about your determination making, like make a selection and keep it up.”

“You want to have the ability to face your concern with regards to what determination you’re making an attempt to make right here as a result of it’s going to vary your life however you additionally gotta help it. Don’t be afraid of it, you’re going to be okay.”

Dreaming of falling may also signify that you just don’t really feel in charge of your life. To treatment this, the TikTok spiritualist says: “You could take again management and cease letting folks step throughout you.”

Falling in a dream can signify indecision or not feeling in charge of your life.


Having desires during which you might be kidnapped can imply that you just really feel suppressed someplace in your life. This might imply you’re suppressing who you might be, your creativity, or one thing else.

For these having these disagreeable nightmares, ElectraSoul says that it’s essential to cease suppressing your self: “You’re being held again from being the individual you might be imagined to grow to be. You could step into this and cease being afraid of it.”

One other doable motive you might be having these desires is that you just really feel as if you’re being held again from reaching an enormous purpose inside your life. It might be that you’re holding your self again to which she suggests not letting this maintain you again and “free your self from your personal anxieties.”

If you’re kidnapped in a dream, you could possibly be suppressing one thing.

Tooth falling out

Dreaming about tooth falling out can signify that you’ve got anxieties about one thing in your life, there could also be a choice or state of affairs that feels as whether it is an excessive amount of to deal with. This may trigger you to really feel like you haven’t any management or that you’re weak.

These desires may also signify insecurity, lack of confidence and stress. ElectraSoul suggests taking time to alleviate your stress and making an attempt to not let exterior forces have an effect on you an excessive amount of.

Teeth falling out.
Dreaming about tooth falling out can signify that you’ve got anxiousness about one thing.

Being cheated on

Fortunately, being cheated on in your desires doesn’t imply you might be being cheated on in actual life. 

That is one other dream that may signify insecurities inside your life: “You don’t worth your self, you don’t really feel such as you’re necessary and you don’t really feel like folks see worth in you,” says ElectraSoul.

To treatment this she says: “You actually simply need to cease being so exhausting on your self, you might be simply as particular as anyone else… cease treating your self poorly, cease treating your self such as you’re nothing. 

“If you’d like this dream to cease then take again management and cease being afraid.”

This story initially appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced right here with permission.

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