I’m a shark expert who comes face-to-face with 20-foot great whites

A marine biologist who swims with 20-foot sharks says individuals’s notion of them being bloodthirsty predators is nothing however a standard delusion.

Skilled shark diver Kayleigh Nicole Grant, 34, who has been primarily based in Hawaii for the final 10 years says the magnificent animals are extremely shy and cautious of human contact.

Gorgeous underwater pictures present a peaceful Kayleigh getting terrifyingly near nice whites and tiger sharks who fortunately dance round her.

Together with her unimaginable footage, she hopes to vary individuals’s perceptions and explains how sharks assaults are nonetheless extremely uncommon.

She revealed to The Solar On-line how these beasts are sometimes innocent and that studying their physique language is vital to staying protected.

Kayleigh mentioned: “There may be nothing fairly like sharing area and coexisting with an apex predator that would trigger you hurt however chooses to not. 

“…They aren’t pet canine.

“We at all times purpose to indicate their magnificence however not deal with them as puppies on the similar time.

“…However I’m additionally continuously humbled by them and don’t put myself close to dangerous habits.

“Even with the expertise I’ve if I see their habits develop into agitated and extra assertive, I’ll go away the water.

“I hope as swimming with sharks turns into extra widespread, different divers select to do the identical.”

Shark fanatic Kayleigh has made it her life’s mission to guard the species after first stepping into the water with them 9 years in the past.

She added: “It’s undoubtedly thrilling and charming to be of their presence!

“…Even with all my years of shark diving, I’ve by no means been in a state of affairs that felt like an ‘assault’ or shut name.

“Eye contact is essential with sharks in addition to your physique language and habits within the water.

“You shouldn’t splash or draw consideration to your self.

“Staying calm is vital.

“In case you have one thing to place between you and the animal that’s supreme…”

“Shark assaults are extremely uncommon and never widespread in any respect.

“You’re extra more likely to be struck by lightning than bitten by a shark.

“…It’s truly wonderful how uncommon it’s contemplating how many individuals are within the ocean every day all all over the world.

“It’s essential to notice that sharks have been right here hundreds of thousands of years earlier than us and that when getting into their house we take a danger.

Skilled shark diver Kayleigh Nicole Grant says eye contact and physique language are essential.

“They’re predators in any case. It’s the identical as going into the den of a bear. It’s their house & we’re the guests.

“Even when that sounds scary it’s how nature supposed it & what retains the ocean in steadiness. We depend on the ocean for survival so we should always need wholesome shark populations.”

Kayleigh can be working to save lots of sharks from the lethal shark fin commerce – with round 100 million sharks killed yearly.

Shark fin soup is a standard dish in China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia and is commonly eaten as a standing image.

She warned: “Sadly, sharks are being killed at an alarming fee for his or her fins & meat. For each 100 million sharks killed per yr, about six to eight people are killed by sharks yearly.

“We’ve a duty to not put the sharks and their status in danger.”

This story initially appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced right here with permission. 

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