I have 50 pet rats and I spoil my cuddly babies with baths

She’s obtained a smooth spot for vermin.

A so-called excessive rodent fanatic has gone viral on-line after bathing her 50 rat “infants” in her kitchen sink.

Michele Raybon, 51, of Palmdale, California hasn’t stopped amassing pet rats since she obtained her first bunch in 2018. Now, the 50 “cuddly” pets splash in her kitchen sink when it’s bathtime.

The rat-lover calls the furry pals her “infants,” regardless of a few of them — 25 males and 25 females — not being as pleasant as others.

“They every have their very own particular person character so a number of rats stick out to me greater than others,” she stated. “They’re very social and if you feed them, all of them come working.”

The abundance of rats doesn’t overwhelm Raybon, who’s an animal lover.
Michele Raybon / CATERS NEWS

She obtained the rambunctious rats from a breeder in Texas, however upon shifting to California, realized there have been no rat breeders within the space. What started as an endeavor to promote rats to different rodent lovers changed into an limitless love affair with the critters.

“In order that’s why I’ve so many as a result of I bred them for temperament, simply so I might promote them to different individuals who love rats,” she stated. “Then I ended promoting them and now they’re my pets, that’s why I’ve so many. There are loads of them.”

However Raybon doesn’t simply cease at rodents: She’s an avid animal lover who owns 4 German Shepherds, three cats and two pigs, which dwell in a barn. She’s even beforehand owned two sheep, two goats, 25 chickens and 15 geese and geese, solely parting methods with them on account of being disabled from time spent within the U.S. Military.

Michele Raybon holding rat
Raybon loves her rats dearly as a religious animal caretaker.
Michele Raybon / CATERS NEWS

“I used to rescue cats, feral cats, I took care of them and rehomed them. I actually do have a coronary heart for animals,” she stated.

Whereas she needed to develop into a veterinarian rising up, it simply by no means occurred. So she opts for rescuing animals as a substitute.

“I wouldn’t name it an obsession, however as a result of I do love animals, I rescue loads of animals,” she stated. “I do are likely to rescue animals, so my ex-husband calls me Dr. Dolittle. I care for them; I take them to the vet.”

When friends enter Raybon’s dwelling, they’re often shocked by the sheer variety of rodents, however Raybon claims her infants win them over — regardless of some being apprehensive.

Raybon refers to her pets as her “infants.”
Michele Raybon / CATERS NEWS

“Some folks have a predisposed concept about rats, they assume that they’re soiled, diseased animals,” she stated. “All my rats have a very good temperament, so I’ll introduce any person to certainly one of them and I often win them over, or the rats win them over.”

Whereas some folks can’t “get previous the stigma” of rats as dwelling pets, Raybon has efficiently modified the minds of some uncertain guests.

“Lots of people have modified their minds and so they surprisingly need them as pets.”

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