Laxmii full Movie Review, Cast and Trailer HD

Laxmii full Movie Review

It is something that must be recognized on a piece of paper and something completely different to be accepted in the real world. The third gender column may have been included in election models, as mentioned by the original Laxmi (Wonderful Sharad Kilkar) in the movie, but in the eyes of society, this column is still a taboo. The message the makers of Laxmii intended to deliver is clear – acceptance and love for transgender people. And if given equal opportunities, they can also make the country proud. However, the execution seems a bit annoying.


Laxmii is a remake of the Tamil film Kanchana (2011). The director, Raghava Lawrence, remains loyal to the strange acts he included in the original movie, which is why they feel old and old at times.

Whether it was to horrify with jumping scares or the predictable laughter through slapstick comedy, if you had watched Kanchana, you wouldn’t find any surprises in the 2020 movie. A little bit of modernity would have worked wonders. As for those who haven’t seen your Tamil masterpiece, you might find your heart skipping a beat in a scene or two and a chuckle here and there. The songs add little to the movie except for Bam Bholle, the incredibly powerful track that spells horror when played. Full marks for the song’s choreography and of course Akshay Kumar.


Akshay Kumar plays Asif, a Muslim man who married a Hindu girl named Rashmi (Kiara Advani). The two arrived at Daman and were there to mark the 25th anniversary of Rashid’s parents. They see it as an opportunity to reunite Rashmi with her family, who initially refused to accept Assef as her daughter’s husband because of his religion. However, after they reach the place, Asif, who firmly believes that there is no such thing as ghosts (unlike Rajava in the 2011 movie Kanchana), is possessed by the spirit of a transgender person named Laxmi, who wants revenge on those who wronged her while she was alive. What happens as soon as Assef touches the rest of the film.

The plot moves at a relaxing pace and will keep you hooked. However, the climax appears a bit surprising and indicates the possibility of a supplement. Sub-plots are also integrated into the main story until the end.


On coming to the shows, Akshay Kumar was great throughout the movie. He has the frame right from his first scene, when he breaks the myth of “Baba” trying to expel a soul from a woman’s body through the “magic” lotus. The actor’s energy is still unmatched and will remind you of his performance in 2007’s Bhool Bhulaiyaa. Thirteen years later, in a script of the same kind, the actor hits the nail in his head again. His body language when Laxmi has it deserves a special mention.

Kiara Advani is making the most of the role offered to her. She looks great, loves her husband, tries to reconcile with her father, and dances to the tunes of the Burj Khalifa song.

The surprising package in the movie is Sharad Kilkar. His portrayal of Laxmi leaves an impression. In the last few minutes of the movie, he owns the show and puts on an action packed performance. His eyes speak and they have real feelings.

Manu Rishi Chadha as Deepak, Ashwini Kalsikar as his wife, and Aisha Reza Mishra as Rashmi’s mother add a much-needed sense of humor to the script with their performance. Their acting may seem like an overflow at times, but it’s allowed in this genre.

Rajesh Sharma plays the ideal on-screen father of Kyara Advani and he slips into the skin of his character effortlessly.

The background score of the film is worth noting, as it creates an atmosphere of humor and horror, depending on the script’s request. The visual effects team has done a satisfactory job. Costume designers and makeup artists deserve a mention, especially in the scenes where Assef turns into Laxmi.

In conclusion, Laxmii is the perfect watch for your family this holiday season. The movie has its flaws but its heart is in the right place. Watch him to see the amazing performances and the message he intends to send across.

Directed byRaghava Lawrence
Produced byFox Star Studios
Cape of Good Films
Shabinaa Entertainment
Tusshar Entertainment House
Written byRaghava Lawrence
Farhad Samji
Sparsh Khetarpal
Tasha Bhambra
Based onKanchana (2011)
StarringAkshay Kumar
Kiara Advani
Music byScore:
Amar Mohile
Tanishk Bagchi
Shashi–DJ Khushi
Anup Kumar
CinematographyVetri Palanisamy
Kush Chhabria
Edited byRajesh G. Pandey
Fox Star Studios
Cape of Good Films
Shabinaa Entertainment
Tusshar Entertainment House
Distributed byDisney+Hotstar
Release date9 November 2020
Running time141 minutes

Laxmii full Movie Cast

  • Akshay Kumar as Asif Khan, Rashmi’s husband/Laxmii
  • Kiara Advani as Rashmi, Asif’s wife
  • Sharad Kelkar as Laxmii Sharma 
  • Rajesh Sharma as Sachin, Rashmi’s father
  • Ayesha Raza Mishra as Ratna, Rashmi’s mother
  • Manu Rishi Chadha as Deepak, Rashmi’s brother
  • Ashwini Kalsekar as Ashwini, Rashmi’s sister in law
  • Tarun Arora as MLA Girja
  • Aryan Preet as Young Laxmii Sharma
  • Muskaan Khubchandani as Palak
  • Prachee Shah Paandya as Girja’s wife
  • Adhvik Mahajan as Angad, Girja’s younger brother
  • Vinita Joshi as Anjali
  • Mir Sarwar as Abdul Chacha
  • Rajesh Dubeay as Pandit Ji

Laxmii Movie Trailer HD

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