Jewish teacher David Schroeder threatens students who drew swastikas: police

A Jewish teacher in Wisconsin was busted for allegedly threatening a group of swastika-drawing students — warning the class that “all Jews have guns.”

David Schroeder, 46, a teacher at the John Long Middle School, was placed on leave after police responded to a call from frantic parents about the educator, who allegedly boasted that he had 17 guns in his basement, WISN 12 reported.

The Grafton Police Department said the teacher reported to administrators that he had found a swastika drawn in a student’s notebook last week.

Then on May 12, he caught two students drawing the hate symbol, and confronted the whole class about the incident while screaming and threatening to “go scorched Earth,” according to the criminal complaint.

Prosecutors say Schroeder claimed he would get his daughter to come to the students’ homes with a baseball bat, and after touting his alleged gun collection, he warned the students that we would “F–k them up.”

While the teacher warned the students that it was not appropriate to draw swastikas, he went on to say, “I wish pain on all of you and your families.”

David Schroeder allegedly threatened his students at the John Long Middle School.

Parent's reported Schroeder's outburst after he found students drawing swastikas in class.
Parent’s reported Schroeder’s outburst after he found students drawing swastikas in class.

Ethan Poulos, a seventh grader in Schroeder’s class, said students were confused as to why he ranted against everyone rather than just report the offending students who drew the hate symbol.

“He picked up the piece of paper and went on a ramble about how that’s bad and that’s a disgrace to his people,” Poulos told local WTMJ-TV. “He started mentioning the N-word and how that was worse than writing the N-word on the wall.”

Prosecutors said Schroeder admitted that he threatened students to the middle school Principal Christine Wolff, who confirmed that the teacher was placed on leave and removed from the district.

Schroeder was charged with making terrorist threats.
Schroeder was charged with making terrorist threats.

Investigators said Wolff also noted that Schroeder was already under an investigation from the district regarding other “concerning or inappropriate behavior towards students.”

Prior to the latest incident, the district had chosen not to renew Schroeder’s contract for the next year.

Schroeder was charged with making terrorist threats and exposing a child to harmful material, both felonies.

He appeared in court on Monday, with bail set at $10,000.

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