I’ll file it ‘where I keep my missing f—s’

“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling admitted that she seemed to give zero “f—s” over people insisting that she lost their respect over her comments on women’s rights.

Rowling went viral the previous week for an attack against attempts to redefine what a woman is based on appeasing transgender women, what she referred to as “real misogyny.”

The tweet received intense backlash from transgender activists as well as left-wing social media users who claimed to be former fans of her books. While they insisted that she lost fans’ respect for comments like these, Rowling admitted on Saturday that she did not care. 

“Deeply amused by those telling me I’ve lost their admiration due to the disrespect I show violent, duplicitous rapists. I shall file your lost admiration carefully in the box where I keep my missing f—s,” Rowling tweeted.

This received immense support from other Twitter users applauding her for fighting back against harsh critics.

Jevon O.A. Williams, the national committeeman for the Virgin Islands, wrote, “This woman’s ability to string words together that cut at the very soul of the person on the receiving end of the insult should be commended. As a former British subject, I don’t normally approve of this behavior but for @jk_rowling the exception is always granted. Carry on!” 

“But you haven’t lost the respect of those of us who are far more intelligent than the bunch of losers who are just downright stupid, you carry on saying what you’re saying, maybe people will actually understand what they seem so far to not have,” talk radio personality James Whale cheered.

“I like her,” American singer Parker McCollum tweeted.

The American Conservative senior editor Rod Dreher agreed, “I LOVE HER!”

“In a harsh and punishing world, @jk_rowling remains a haven of goodness and bravery,” author Annika Rothstein wrote.

This was the latest in a series of tweets that Rowling has put out in the past few years defending women’s rights in female-only spaces and sports in the face of growing transgender activism. These comments have led to many on the left referring to the author as a “trans-exclusionary radical feminist,” or TERF.

The controversy grew to the point where “Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill came under fire for liking a tweet of Rowling’s the past weekend. 

“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling admitted that she seemed to give zero “f—s” over people insisting that she lost their respect over her comments on women’s rights.
Mike Marsland/WireImage

The tweet in question was Rowling replying to India Willoughby, the U.K.’s first “transgender newsreader,” who wrote “I’m more of a woman than J.K. Rowling ever will be.” Rowling replied, “Citation needed.”

Hamill was then forced to defend his like, writing, “What I ‘liked’ about this exchange was someone speaking their truth to power. Twitter is, unfortunately, no place for nuance. It’s imperative I make this abundantly clear: I support human rights for EVERYONE, regardless of their gender identity, PERIOD.”

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