Hawaii boulder footage captures woman nearly crushed inside home

A massive boulder crashed into a Hawaii home over the weekend, narrowly missing a woman inside, dramatic footage shows.

The video captures the unsuspecting woman walking down a hallway inside her hillside Honolulu house when the boulder breaks through a wall mere feet away from her, creating a trail of destruction.

Officials said the boulder, which is five feet high and wide, broke through the home’s cinderblock wall, living room and then another wall before it settled in a bedroom near midnight Saturday, Hawaii News Now reported.

A car was also damaged, but no one inside the home was injured, the news outlet reported.

The woman the boulder almost hit, Caroline Sasaki, was left shaken.

 “All I heard was the boom when the glass cracked from the sliding door, so I backed up and I guess it passed right through me,” the 65-year-old said, according to KITV 4.

No one inside the home was injured, as damage can be seen to the walls inside the residence.
KHON2 via maxrrrod/Twitter

The family was only in the newly-built home for about a week when the wrecking boulder came barreling, the station reported.

“I haven’t watched the video, but they said if I took one more step, I probably wouldn’t be here,” Sasaki reportedly said, noting a bad leg means she walks slower.

Sasaki and other homeowners in the neighborhood believe nearby excavation work at a planned development is the cause of the boulder falling, KHON 2 reported.

The family was only in their newly-built home for around a week before the boulder came crashing into the Honolulu house.
The family was only in their newly-built home for around a week before the boulder came crashing into the Honolulu house.
KHON2 via maxrrrod/Twitter

“We lived in this same location. We just knocked down the old house and rebuilt it; and it’s never happened before, heavy rain and hurricane warnings nothing. So, no rocks ever came down,” Sasaki told the station. “We’ve had some issues with them carving the mountain, and I don’t know if that’s the cause.”

Development owner Bingning Li insisted his project is not to blame.

“Not at all, this is from way above, I looked at one of those rocks about 50 feet away from on top of the property and landed over there and then made its way down here,” Li reportedly said.

“So it hit one of the cables that was supposed to stop it and the cable snapped. That took a lot of energy away otherwise this damage would be way more.”

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