Family on Florida vacation reels in great white shark

They’re gonna need a bigger boat!

A family on vacation in Florida was left reeling this week when they caught a great white shark during a fishing outing this week.

In a cell phone video of the incident shared by WSVN, members of the family visiting the Fort Lauderdale area from North Dakota can be heard marveling as the shark bobs near the surface a few feet from the boat.

“Best day ever!” a young boy could be heard exclaiming.

One of the family members, Shaun Jacobson, told the outlet that it took three men 40 minutes to reel in the great white.

“We were alternating turns left and right, probably, what, 20-30 cranks, and then the next guy was on,” he said.

The great white shark was nabbed off Fort Lauderdale.
Rinehart Taxidermy
A great white shark being reeled in.
The catch was caught on cellphone video.
A great white shark.
The kids on board gave the shark a fun name.
A great white shark.
It took three men 40 minutes to reel in the shark.

The boat’s captain, Adam Reckert of Good Hit Sportfishing, said such catches were extremely rare in South Florida.

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years full-time as a captain, and that’s the second [great white] that I’ve landed,” he said.

A man stands near a fishing pole.
The shark was tagged before being let go.
Rinehart Taxidermy
A great white shark.
The shark was a rare catch in South Florida.

“The last one was about 15 years ago.”

Before tagging the shark and releasing it back into the water, the youngsters on board decided to bestow the creature with a name.

“We named it Cofax Crusher,” one of the boys said proudly.

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