Daniel Jones just fine being the Other Quarterback in Town

The Other Quarterback In Town is not a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

The Other Quarterback In Town is not a four-time league MVP.

The Other Quarterback In Town has never been considered among the greatest throwers of the football in NFL history.

The Other Quarterback In Town has never won a Super Bowl.

The Other Quarterback In Town has never hosted “Jeopardy,” has never indulged in a darkness retreat (we don’t believe), has never traveled to South America to take ayahuasca (from what we can tell), has never advised his fan base to R-E-L-A-X.

The Other Quarterback In Town has never revealed career plans on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

The Other Quarterback In Town has never given us a championship belt celebration, or filmed a Discount Double Check celebration.

Daniel Jones has ceded some of the New York spotlight to the likes of Aaron Rodgers.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

The Other Quarterback In Town has never dated Olivia Munn or Danica Patrick — as far as we know.

The Other Quarterback In Town is not a marquee star.

This is what The Other Quarterback In Town has in common with Aaron Rodgers:

Daniel Jones wears No. 8.

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers runs a drill
Rodger became the talk of the town well before he was traded to the Jets.
Bill Kostroun/New York Post

Daniel Jones followed a Giants legend in Eli Manning just as Aaron Rodgers followed a Packers legend in Brett Favre.

So I asked Daniel Jones at Thursday OTAs how he might feel about being The Other Quarterback In Town.

“I’m not worried about that,” he said with a smile, “just focused on what we’re doing here.”

Rodgers was 27 when he won his first and only Super Bowl. Jones turns 26 on May 27. After the Giants made him their $40M Man in the offseason, they have every right to expect him to deliver a championship at some point. The Future Is Now for Rodgers — 40 on Dec. 2 — and the Jets. But even if it isn’t Jones’ style to volunteer that the four Lombardi Trophies standing in the lobby inside 1925 Giants Drive look a little lonely, it is time for him to be Manning as he enters his fifth season. Manning won the first of his two Super Bowls in his fourth year, when he was 27.

“He’s driven,” new tight end Darren Waller said of Jones.

The younger Giants are not star-struck by Jones the way the younger Jets — even some of the older Jets — are star-struck by Rodgers. But there is no question how respected Jones is in the Big Blue building as The Leader of the Giants. Who continues to express support for the absent Saquon Barkley amid his quest to reach a contract extension compromise with the club.

“I’ve been very impressed with Daniel … arm talent, intelligence, funny guy, he’s got a lot of personality that you really get to see once you get to know him some more,” Waller said. “You can tell guys are really close around here, and he kinda leads that energy.”

Jones’ public persona is much more Manning than say, Chris Rock. His teammates see a different guy behind the mask. “He’s got jokes, man,” Waller said with a smile. “He’s got like a low-key sense of humor. He’s a little more introverted guy, kinda like myself, I’m like that, too. I feel like we have similar sense of humors.”

Giants quarterback Daniel Jones #8, during practice
Jones may not have the cache of Rodgers, but he certainly has the respect of his Giants teammates.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

New York won’t scare Aaron Rodgers. And it hasn’t scared Daniel Jones.

“He really said, ‘Embrace it,’ ” Waller said. “It’s not a lot of people get to say that they can play football in a market like this or a city like this with people as passionate as this fan base is. It’s all about your perspective whether you look at it as it’s scary or you look at it as a really cool opportunity. I view it as a great opportunity.”

I asked Waller what kind of ball Jones throws. “Very catchable, very accurate,” he told The Post. “Puts steam on it when he needs to, but like I said it’s very catchable, it’s not a problem to try to catch up to the speed of it or anything. It’s there, it’s where it needs to be, and it’s on time.”

Finally, Jones starts a second season in the same offense, and finally, the Giants have gotten him speed receivers and a promising rookie center and an elite tight end in Waller.

“It’s definitely beneficial for myself as well as all the guys who have been here having learned it once,” Jones said. “We’re always adjusting and trying to work in new and different things.”

Elite left tackle Andrew Thomas was thrilled for his $40 million quarterback.

“They didn’t pick up his fifth year last year, so it was a prove test for him,” Thomas said. “He did a good job leading us to the playoffs. Obviously we want to get better, he wants to get better, but he’s the leader of our team. He works hard, takes accountability for everything.

“I’m glad that they locked him in.”

Daniel Jones may be The Other Quarterback In Town. But he’s the Giants’ quarterback, and they’re glad they have him.

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