Comedy Couple Web Series Review, Cast and Trailer HD

Comedy Couple Web Series Review

STORY: Deep Sharma (Saqib Saleem) and Zoya Batra (Shweta Basu Prasad) are a hit pair in the stand-up space. Slowly but surely, the duo is making its presence felt in the digital world, too. But all’s not well in their la la land and the couple finds itself stuck in the middle of many a storm — in their professional as well as personal lives. How do they sail through these difficult times?

REVIEW: Touted to be India’s first and only comedy couple, techie-turned-comic Deep Sharma and his romantic partner Zoya Batra always have their audience rolling with laughter, thanks to the silly yet relatable jokes they crack on stage. But, other than recently attaining the title of being a ‘viral act’ on the internet, the duo has also attracted some unwanted hurdles in their seemingly perfect life. Deep and Zoya, both as different as chalk and cheese, are headed towards troubled waters and they know it all too well. One event leads to another and now they have a conundrum to resolve: whether to keep their differences aside and ride on the wave of their joint success or to shun their collaboration and bow down to what life has in store for them.

Director Nachiket Samant’s ‘Comedy Couple’ is a sweet, endearing love story between an ‘eight/nine on 10’ high-society girl and a self-admittedly average former IT professional from a hamlet in Uttar Pradesh. The narrative is nothing unique but the stand-up angle renders freshness to this otherwise common trope and we dig the chemistry the lead pair shares.

In one of the intimate scenes, Zoya breaks it to Deep that he is a five or six at best on his good days, a compulsive liar and that he isn’t innately funny. Deep agrees without putting up a fight and admits to be an acquired taste as a comedian. The tone and overall vibe of ‘Comedy Couple’ is pretty clear from the start — a desi lad scores an urban belle, finds his lane with her and boom… he is happily dancing to her tunes: both on stage and otherwise. This underlying theme has been a recurring subtext in rom-coms for years now but despite the somewhat predictable diegesis, the flick draws you in with those hilarious one-liners and the stand-up mood and setup in general. Also, Shweta Basu Prasad is a natural as the independent, dominating girlfriend with a knack for sexually charged and socially awkward jokes. Keeping up with Deep’s persona, Saqib downplays his performance in the first half but his character undergoes an ocean of change after the interval. And brownie points to him for acing the colloquial Haryanvi accent!

A surprise package in the film was real-life comedian Aadar Malik’s nutcase, stoned-out-of-mind Rohan. As a filthy man and proud jugadoo (please listen to his seven-staircase story intently), Malik is riotous to a T. Other parallel characters add the right amount of humour to the plotline, but it is Aadar who stands out for his zoned-out act. Another actor who makes an impact with her brief performance is Pooja Bedi as the male-bashing artiste and Zoya’s single parent, Zohra Batra. Bedi channels the spirit of a paradoxical person — claims all men are as*holes and then gets bored of her own boyfriend.

As far as the pace and plot progression go, ‘Comedy Couple’ is off to a rocking start but bumps off to rocky roads soon after. The middle is a bit derailed and draggy, often compromising on its strongest suit: humour. Samant and his army of writers — Raghav Raj Kakker, Kashyap Kapoor, Bikas Ranjan Mishra and Gaurav Sharma — inculcate the hit formulae of comedy, i.e; ‘gaalis’ and ‘sax’ and even bring to light the constant conflict between comedians and pressure groups, but fail to up the ante, especially with that foreseeable climax.

In a nutshell, ‘Comedy Couple’ is your typical Bollywood rom-com with a fresh pair and even fresher central theme. Look the other way if you are pining to witness innovation in this genre, stay if you are in it only for the laughs!

Comedy Couple Web Series Cast

Saqib Saleem

Shweta Basu Prasad

Pooja Bedi

Rajesh Tailang

Madhu Sachdeva

Pranay Manchanda

Jasmeet Singh Bhatia

Subha Rajput

Aadar Malik

Ankur Vyas

Comedy Couple Web Series Trailer

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