Biden blasted after tweeting his ‘optimism for America’

He walked right into it.

President Biden opened himself up to criticism from conservatives on Twitter Friday night after posting an upbeat appraisal of the United States at the midway point of his first term.

“Two years in, and I’ve never been more optimistic about America’s future,” Biden said in the breezy 10 p.m. post.

It didn’t sit well with his usual critics on the platform’s right-wing peanut gallery, many of whom cited a host of current woes to dispute the premise.

“Gas is up 40 cents from last month and eggs are $9,” conservative comedian Tim Young said in response.

“Gas is up 40 cents from last month and eggs are $9,” conservative comedian Tim Young tweeted in reply.
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“Fuel prices rising AGAIN, food prices higher, energy prices keep going up, property taxes increased again! But yeah keep on lying to the people,” said Joe Billie, a one-time Republican Pennsylvania congressional candidate.

The GOP’s official arm also mixed it up, with Tommy Pigott, the party’s rapid response director, dropping a litany of complaints.

“The Biden record,” he said while noting “falling real wages,” “20 months of sky-high inflation,” the “worst border crisis ever” and other ills.

Some took a more humorous approach.

Conservatives took issue with Biden's stance.
Conservatives took issue with Biden’s stance.

“Jesus take the wheel,” wrote Rev. Dr. Doge Christopher Benek.

Biden’s enthusiasm for the future comes as the president has been under fire after a trove of classified documents was found at his Penn Biden Center in Washington, DC, and his home in Wilmington, Delaware, where they were stored near his beloved 1967 Corvette.

The 10 classified docs in DC were discovered just six days before the 2022 midterm elections — and those found in Wilmington were uncovered at the home scandal-scarred first son Hunter Biden frequented.

Experts told The Post that the document scandal could muddle Biden’s potential bid for a second term in 2024.

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