American Airlines worker killed at Alabama’s Montgomery Regional Airport

A worker was fatally injured on the ramp at Montgomery Regional Airport in Alabama where an American Airlines regional carrier flight was parked, the Federal Aviation Administration said Saturday.

The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the incident that occurred where American Airlines Flight 3408, an Embraer E175, was parked at the gate after arriving from Dallas. The FAA said the airport was closed after the incident.

Two people briefed on the matter said the initial investigation indicates the employee was killed in an accident involving one of the airplane’s engines that was running.

The flight was operated by Envoy Air, a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group.

The airport said a ground crew worker for Piedmont Airlines, another American regional subsidiary, was killed but did not elaborate.

An employee at the Montgomery Regional Airport was killed during an incident Saturday afternoon.
WSFA 12 News

American said in a statement it was devastated by the accident, which it confirmed involved an employee of Piedmont.

“We are focused on ensuring that all involved have the support they need during this difficult time,” the airline said, declining further comment on the active investigation.

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