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Andile Dyalvane, an artist in Cape City, molds terra-cotta chairs and stools throughout the shapes of oversize glyphs, symbolizing Xhosa phrases for primary concepts like “house” and “sustenance.” Alongside the clay surfaces, he sculpts small-scale variations of the symbols’ slashes, spikes and curves. The kinds appear in Mr. Dyalvane’s needs, too, he said, and it’s as within the occasion that they bug him to include them in his art work — “and it’s an excellent bugging,” he said.

His new seating sequence, with 18 examples (prices upon request), is on view by the use of Could 22 at Friedman Benda gallery in New York. The exhibition, titled “iThongo,” after a Xhosa time interval for ancestral dreamscapes, beforehand appeared at Southern Guild gallery in Cape City and in Mr. Dyalvane’s distant hometown, Ngobozana.

Throughout his childhood, he used riverbank clay there to make ephemeral sculptures, whereas tending his family’s livestock. A glaze-drenched columnar chair from his sequence, titled “Shepherd,” has been put in as a eternal exterior sculpture on a close-by hilltop beforehand inhabited by his group (they’d been pushed off ancestral lands by apartheid-period insurance coverage insurance policies). Within the Friedman Benda current, a lichen-inexperienced-and-brown seat titled “Ngobozana” has an arc take care of and is textured with glyphs, gouges and nodules.

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